Monday, November 26


Happy Cyber Monday! This Monday I'm loving HOLOGRAPHIC THINGS + KNUCKLE RINGS + ZODIAC ACCESSORIES + LOST IN TRANSLATION + WHITE MASCARA. I can't get enough of well done zodiac jewelry; they have the ring over at Nasty Gal right now for 25% off, and the watch over at ASOS. I just watched Lost in Translation for the first time a couple days ago and I loved it! Now I'm desperately wanting to go to Japan; the people seem so nice. What do you guys think of white mascara? I've been looking for a brand that sells it where I am. Something about it is too winter fairy to pass up. Love it or hate it? For me, I need it. 

Saturday, November 24


Happy Saturday to everyone who managed to survive black Friday! I heard it was kind of a bust this year. I didn't go out, but I heard some stores were packed before midnight on Thanksgiving. I do wish I could have done a little online shopping, but other than that I'm okay with trying to save money so I can buy a new camera. That's why my pictures aren't very good quality right now (they're iPad photos) but hopefully I'll have a new camera by the end of the week.

I had such a relaxing morning today. I have the house to myself so I decided it's the perfect time to do a little pampering and relaxing. I took a really glittery bath with a sunny side bubble bar from LUSH (I love LUSH) and added some gold glitter of my own so I'd come out looking like a sparkly mermaid. Primadonna is the soundtrack of today - I've been listening to this album from Marina and the Diamonds for months, but I never get tired of this song, especially when I'm having girly alone time.

Some of my favorite beauty products from today: Coconut Oil Protein Pack from Palmer's, 'Let Them Eat Cake' Tokyomilk perfume, Aubrey Oatmeal Facial Mask and Scrub, Love & Toast plum scented Lotion.

Anyone looking for a deep conditioner for damaged hair, this coconut protein pack is my favorite out of all the treatments and conditioners I've tried. I've bleached my hair tons in the past and this is the only one I've used where I really noticed a difference in hair quality afterwards. It smells amazing, and it makes my hair feel like silk.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend xx

Friday, November 23


  • Skinny by Ibi Kaslik
  • Sequin wallet
  • Extra Dessert Delights gum
  • Tic Tacs
  • 5 gum
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Vibrant Peony Summer Freshies body mist from Victoria’s Secret
  • Sunnies
  • Bombshell mini perfume from Victoria’s Secret 
  • Softlips
  • Bobby pins
  • Voluminous mascara
  • Ray Ban glasses
  • Camel No. 9 100’s
  • Pink glitter mini-journal
  • Black Pilot pens (2)


  • 2012 VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW looks so gorgeous this year! i’m diggin’ some of the themes this year, specifically the calendar girls segment. my stand out model is magdalena frackowiak - i’m obsessed with her lately, and i’m so happy to see her wearing wings! i can’t get enough of her intense jaw line lately. stunning.
  • JEFFREY CAMPBELL is killing it with this dina jewel shoe. i think it’s the perfect mix of tacky and edge. i want them. i love the heel, i love the color, i love everything. i’m hooked by this giant jewel look.
  • WINTER PASTEL COLORS are it for me. a lot of people tend to grab pastels during summer, but i’m the opposite. pastels are a perfect way to add some color to winter, in my opinion. pastel pink and baby blue and sea green against a snowy white background. i think it sounds like a gorgeous scene. this sweater is stella mccartney, by the way, and i think it’s stunning.
  • KITTY CLAWS are like a leather jacket for your hands. instant badass feelings. instant bad ass bitch mode. the hints of gold are gorgeous. i need claws immediately to make it through the next couple weeks of family time alive.
  • SKINNY VANILLA CHAI LATTE overloadlately. i’ve been drinking at least two a day. the holiday cups are just so freaking cute, and it’s the spice of a chai latte that’s making me so happy. i’m feeling like it’s wintertime already. starbucks sucked me in… i usually detest their drinks, but i found my sbucks companion. venti skinny vanilla chai latte with only 4 pumps of chai. try it. don’t turn back.
  • EDIE SEDGWICK LOOKALIKES are popping up everywhere since NARS launched their andy warhol collection featuring a cute little set of makeup essentials dedicated to edie sedgwick. it’s an overpriced cute little set of makeup essentials, but fun to look at nonetheless. anyway, i’m usually a strictly-the-real-edie type of person, with the exception of sienna miller, but i’ve seen some kick ass photos based on edie’s style lately that are really doing it for me. the blonde hair, the makeup, the ode to little mini dresses, minus the heaps of drugs. i’m loving edie inspired model looks right now.
  • MAGDALENA FRACKOWIAK outside of victoria’s secret. with brown hair. can’t get enough of her.