Thursday, December 20


It's moto jacket madness in my life lately. I'm obsessed with every color; studded, spiked, distressed, cropped, whatever. I want them all. 

The first one is the perfect little white jacket to me. It's simple, it has a little silver hardware on it, but it's almost dressy on its own. I like to dress down with black leather jackets. Take a maxi dress, or a blouse that looks really formal, and throw on a black leather jacket with it. This white jacket is almost the opposite - take your favorite vintage band tee, or that top that you love even though it has holes in it, and put the white leather jacket on top of it to make it look clean. The white leather jacket is almost becoming a closet staple to me as much as a black leather jacket has been. 

The second is the perfect black leather jacket, and the third is... your perfect coral leather jacket? I'm obsessed with the color. I love how the model is wearing it with a little cropped tee underneath. The others are covered with studs and spikes and I can't get enough of them. Some people like to buy every color and texture of a particularly shaped stiletto, I like to have every color and texture and studded version of a leather jacket. At the moment I own 8 leather jackets and I feel like I'm still naked without more. 

These beauties are from Nasty Gal and the prices range from $40 to $250. (A few of them are even in their sale section right now - you can find the last two jackets for less than $50 while supplies last!) 

How many leather jackets do you have? Do you still love them, or are you over them?

Tuesday, December 11


I spent the day with my grandma and my mom today, and it felt good to be surrounded by family! We told stories about my late grandpa, cried and laughed, and wrapped presents. I came home with a box of decorations from my grandma, and I spread a little red and green cheer around the apartment while my boyfriend played with our cats. I've been trying to jumpstart myself into the Christmas mood, but I think there's just something ominous about this year that I can't get over. I'm not usually depressed when a year ends, but I think that I'm getting older and more fearful of things that I can feel coming. It's my lunar Piscean intuition; a blessing and a curse. 

On a happier note, my best friend Lizzy and her boyfriend Melchior are going to be here in 14 days all the way from Germany. I've known her for 3 years through blogs and social networking, and I can't wait to see her in person and watch Factory Girl about 100 times. There will be plenty of glitter and photos involved. I can't believe it's only two weeks away! 

Best wishes to all of you, and thanks for the blog support lately. I love hearing from you guys. ♡ ♡ 

Monday, December 10


sheer leather

sheer leather by vel-vette featuring h&m

cat woman

cat woman by vel-vette featuring a cashmere shawl

I'm in love with these heels. I can't help it. 

As I was adding the gorgeous Marc Jacobs watch with the Swarovski crystals to this wishlist set, I had a thought. Why do people feel the need to pack their closets with designer brands while throwing taste out the window? Related: Why do people wear as many designer pieces as they can fit on their bodies, all while forgetting that they don't all necessarily go together just because they're Dior, or Chanel? 

I was watching this show the other day, My Shopping Addiction or whatever, and I found it so interesting how obsessed this girl was with designer labels, yet when she was put in a sunglasses store with over 5,000 pairs of glasses (3 of which were designer) she couldn't pick out a single pair that was name brand.  

I know that in this society we see the ads, the articles, the celebrities in the designer clothes, and we're so vulnerable to all sorts of advertising; but what if we're not just all brainwashed, and actually in toxic romantic relationships with these designers? 

Think of designers as types of men, and most women have a weakness. Men with tattoos, older men, younger men with children, boys in bands, men who drive Audis, men with perfect teeth... there are as many types of men as there are aspiring fashion designers. What if 'Chanel' was just 'Men with Perfect Teeth' and 'Dior' was just 'Boys in Bands' and Versace was 'Men with Tattoos'. Women have a weakness for their 'type' of designer just like their 'type' of man. 

I once knew this girl who would buy anything Chanel, from any decade. You should know that I love Chanel. I would love to be buried in Chanel. That doesn't mean I'm going to buy it just because it's Chanel. Especially if I think it's hideous. 

The same girl also had a thing for men with dogs. Even if nothing else about him was attractive to her, she would give whoever he was a chance because "he had to be a good guy if he had a dog". Even if the second she met him she knew it would never go anywhere, she was interested.

Even if the second she picked up a Chanel purse, or a Chanel jacket, or a pair of Chanel pants, she knew she would never wear them, she was still interested. 

Take that Prada bag next to the leather skirt. I'm obsessed with it, but I think it's Prada's version of a very generically shaped bag. It's "designer" but it's not a necessarily standout piece, to me. 

Don't get me wrong. I still love the bag. 

Blabbering aside, things I love for winter: Sheer, Leather, Fur. It's almost not fair because I love leather for every season, but there's something about the leather skirt and the leather leggings that make me think they were made for the holiday season. Even the long black cape-coat caught my eye. I think there's a way to layer clothes without looking like a designer clothes rack, and without looking like a hobo. Also, from experience, wedges are my favorite winter shoe. It's possible to walk in stilettos, but I prefer the reliability of a wedge in the winter. You can get a lot of really wonderful wedge boots as well, if you're trying to keep your legs warm at the same time. 

And (faux) fur. I think everyone needs a fur in their closet for wintertime. 

I will say this about fur coats though. I live in a pretty small town in Washington state, just a little ways away from Seattle, and wearing a fur coat in public is like asking for people to stare at you like you're King Henry VIII. 

I don't live in a scene from Sex and the City where Carrie can walk down Madison in a full length fur, smoking a cigarette, looking fabulous and not being treated like some kind of hooker. I live in a pretty conservative, completely bland place. Some days, I feel sort of awkward wearing my fur coat out in public. I'm usually a fashion confident person, but I do have those days when I just want to blend in, but I also want to wear what I want to wear.

I will say: nothing good ever came from worrying about what others think of what you're wearing. You bought it because you love it, and when you love it, you wear it. Screw the small town. 

Sunday, December 9


Happy December! Last weekend my best friend Nicholas came over for a chemical party. He's a hair virgin, meaning his hair hasn't been through nearly enough torture. Bleaching hair is one of my favorite things to do; I've been blonde more times than I have fingers, but I'm maintaining brunette for a while now until my hair mellows out and gets healthy again. I get sick of having hay-hair, even if it does look amazing during the winter. Anyway, it looks perfect on him, and we only had to do two rounds of torture. I am a little jealous; I miss having white hair draped over knitted scarfs. 

And a little tattoo love before I have it covered up with something else. 

Thursday, December 6


black widow

black widow by vel-vette featuring skull earrings

This kind of doubles as a Monday inspiration post too, because this week I'm all about clothes and accessories for inspiration. Mainly, though, I put this together because those are 8 things I can't live without - the ones I don't have, I need to get my hands on. I picked up a really amazing black leather jacket (my fourth one, oops) the other day, and I've been doing lots of layering with it. As far as crazy vintage looking t-shirts go, I bought an Edie Sedgwick shirt online yesterday that I can't WAIT to get. Anyone who knows me knows exactly how much I love Edie, and exactly how excited I am to wear that shirt with a pair of black tights and a black leotard underneath in true Edie fashion. I'll be sure to post photos as soon as it arrives. 

I'm not a big fan of the combat boot trend. I know they're crazy popular, but maybe they're just not for me. I love boots, but I'm probably more picky on boots than any other shoe. A boot needs to be just right, and 90% of combat boots don't cut it for me. Then again, I don't own a pair, so maybe I've just avoided the magic of a pair of badass kickers. I do think that a pair of wedges with an ankle strap is absolutely necessary though. The ones above are from Jane Norman and they're pretty affordable! I've seen some rad Jeffrey Campbells lately too. Their Wildfox collaboration ballerina platforms are absolutely to die for, yet I don't own them. I think I'm just scared to have them because I'm psycho OCD about shoes and they look so easy to stain, rip, maim, torture, and kill.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little obsessed with floral jeans. I was never huge on the 'floral everything' trend that massacred everyone between the ages of 14 and 90, but I think certain fleur prints on certain types of jeans are really sweet looking. I also like the look of hard vs. soft when you pair them with a leather jacket. My favorite pair I've seen so far are from Free People, and they're fairly tame compared to some prints I've seen. They're on sale at Macy's at the moment, too!

Personally, I don't like spending over $30 on jeans unless they're really, really special. I don't wear them enough, and quality isn't an issue to me because I change up the pieces I own so often. That's why I was pretty excited when I saw a few cute pairs at Target the other day. I love Target, sue me.

Isn't that little kitten bag adorable? I bet if you just hold it, it looks like a kitty on a leash ;D

Happy Thursday! What are you doing this weekend?

PS: I have a lot of handmade things and pieces from my closet currently posted in my online store. Feel free to check them out, I'm really excited!


It was a forgotten summer, unlike the rest. I was half my size, twirling like an autumn leaf fleeing the branch. There was a garden behind an old forgotten house, covered with ivy, hiding a door; but it was locked. I didn't disturb it; I turned it into a backdrop. 

This was one of my favorite last minute summer outfits because it was so casual. Grab a pair of cutoffs, a floral dress to turn into a tank, and a cardigan. Grab an italian soda, strut down the sidewalk, pretend like you're someone when really, you just look like a misplaced garden ornament.