Thursday, December 20


It's moto jacket madness in my life lately. I'm obsessed with every color; studded, spiked, distressed, cropped, whatever. I want them all. 

The first one is the perfect little white jacket to me. It's simple, it has a little silver hardware on it, but it's almost dressy on its own. I like to dress down with black leather jackets. Take a maxi dress, or a blouse that looks really formal, and throw on a black leather jacket with it. This white jacket is almost the opposite - take your favorite vintage band tee, or that top that you love even though it has holes in it, and put the white leather jacket on top of it to make it look clean. The white leather jacket is almost becoming a closet staple to me as much as a black leather jacket has been. 

The second is the perfect black leather jacket, and the third is... your perfect coral leather jacket? I'm obsessed with the color. I love how the model is wearing it with a little cropped tee underneath. The others are covered with studs and spikes and I can't get enough of them. Some people like to buy every color and texture of a particularly shaped stiletto, I like to have every color and texture and studded version of a leather jacket. At the moment I own 8 leather jackets and I feel like I'm still naked without more. 

These beauties are from Nasty Gal and the prices range from $40 to $250. (A few of them are even in their sale section right now - you can find the last two jackets for less than $50 while supplies last!) 

How many leather jackets do you have? Do you still love them, or are you over them?

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