Wednesday, January 2

E is for ELLE

A few amazing things came in the mail for me today from a miss Susan Jo! She's also a Libra, which is probably why she knew exactly what kind of stuff I would like. Such a sweet girl, she sent a package just because! The tiny little 'E' ring made my heart swell; I love tiny jewelry, and I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment when I saw it. (You know how she feels about her Carrie necklace? I'm in love with this ring.) Inside the package were just pieces of my personal style; tiny ring, zodiac jewelry, large round sunnies, those are my closet staples! 

Also, not pictured is a gorgeous canvas with the Libra scales on it. Once I get it hanging in my room, I'll post a follow-up picture on that piece because it's stunning as well. You also get a little sneak peak of one of my Christmas gifts! A new Salt and Pepper Hoodie from American Apparel. The S&P hoodie has always been my favorite, and ever since I lost mine last year, I've been whining for a new one. Here it is! I'll post the rest of my Christmas pressies once the holiday rush dies down and I can take stuff out to play with it. 

Lastly, tomorrow I'm getting my birdcage tattoo redone and I can't wait to post before and after photos of the work. Hopefully I'll be happy with it, I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

I don't know how to say thank you enough for such a beautiful gift, so here's a blog post on how beautiful my new things are! What are pieces of your personal style? 


  1. Love those sunnies so much!! Who makes them?

    1. Thanks! They're from MINKPINK, which is an Australian brand to my knowledge. They're great quality and so good for everyday use!