Wednesday, January 9


Here's a little bit of tattoo evolution and a little story. When I was 18, I rushed to get a tattoo and ended up getting really poor work done. I settled on a bird cage and the word 'Imagine' to symbolize breaking free of what previously held me back, but the whole idea was executed poorly and done by someone who I didn't realize was such an amateur. I ended up with scarring on my original ink because the wrong needles were used, etc. That made my cover-up tattoo really difficult, but I had an amazing artist who took the time to give me exactly what I wanted. 

My new tattoo is inspired by a sketch done by my ultimate iconic obsession, Edie Sedgwick. I always wanted an Edie tribute tattoo, I just wasn't sure how to go about it - and then, I found a collection of her artwork, and I knew this was the tattoo I needed. It's simple but so elegant and equally as symbolic as I had originally intended. Only this time, I'm actually happy with my work! It's still in the healing stages and I still have another appointment to go to in order to completely cover the old tattoo, but I feel really good about having visible tattoos now. 

You can see my Deathly Hallows sign there as well, which will be touched up probably at the same time I go to get my Edie bird worked on. I think it's important to have good ink that represents who you are as a person. 

Ever had a bad tattoo experience?

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